How Casinos Deceive Their Customers

Casinos Deceive

There are many ways the human brain can be manipulated into making decisions that it does not want and, places like casinos have been conducting research and studies on their customers quite a bit over the years. They have been observing and understanding ways in which they can grasp all their customers’ attention, so that they spend more money.


Here is a list of some crafty ways that casinos make use of tricks to keep the crowd on their feet as long as they are on the floor, until they are completely drained of energy.

Firstly, they tend to attract a huge number of people by offering free stuff. Yes, you read that, right! They are always offering free food, drinks, entertainment, coupons, etc. Obviously, it takes any body’s attention, isn’t that right?

The term ‘comp’ stands for ‘complimentary’, and that’s a casino’s way of keeping you delighted, even though you are losing. Moreover, if those comps aren’t being offered, you should ask! A bit of initiative on your part can go a long way. Even if you are just hanging around in a casino for the weekend, you can get all kinds of free benefits, in some cases. It is not always like that. A lot of people have tried hanging around and have gone home with empty hands. The casino gives comps to players who have suffered huge losses, not the everyday joe.

Often you may end up asking yourself how you lost all that money after visiting a casino, and you might end up thinking that you had no luck in your arsenal. Places like this have their ways of subliminally keeping you in the structure by making it hard for you to leave. The interior layout of such structures is often confusing and misleading. The paths are compact, surrounded by slot machines and all other kinds of things that would catch the eye to make sure you are away from the exit. In order to make sure the people to stay focused on the games, they ensure that there are no windows, as it would stray away from their attention rather than being completely involved and by doing this, people tend to not notice how the day or night goes by. Moreover, you cannot find clocks anywhere around since they want you to spend more and more time getting distracted by the fun.

The establishment makes use of very high-quality air purifiers just to ensure that the oxygen that is pumped inside the building is fresh, to keep the crowd energetic since it’s a closed space. Indulging fresh aromatic fragrances that give a sense of luxury makes people want to spend their time there, which is why casinos invest a lot in purchasing some of the most expensive scents. Their trick is to take control over your sight, smell, hearing.


These are some of the things that a lot of people miss in a casino because they do not pay attention. That is why, they end up falling prey to these sly and deceitful tricks which are all employed by most of the well-known casinos in the world.

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