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Official Voting (Closed!)

RubyWeekend #3 Game Creation Contest (June 26-28 2009). Theme: "A Tiny World"

Official Voting (Closed!)

Postby shawn42 » Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:32 pm

Please respond with your top 3 games:
#1) game X
#2) game Y
#3) game Z

We will add up the scores and post the winner. Voting will close in about a week (subject to change*).
Please only vote once and you cannot vote for your own game.

Feel free to give out awards such as Best use of theme or Best sound effects, etc.

The possibilities are (in the order submitted):
- Ant Frenzy by Garepjotr
- A Tiny World by ippa
- Mite Makes Right by LoganBarnett
- Droplet by jacius
- Free Radicals by shawn42
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Re: Official Voting

Postby kiba » Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:37 pm

1. Ant Frenzy
2. Free Radical
3. Droplet
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Re: Official Voting

Postby Garepjotr » Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:57 pm

#1) A Tiny World
#2) Mite Makes Right
#3) Free Radicals

I chose A Tiny World as first becouse i enjoyed it the most. Loved the sound effects and the style. Kicking the tinies is hilarious. It also has a goed potential for improvement.

Between Free Radicals and Mite Makes Right was difficult. I base this decision on how the games where when they where uploaded here. And in that case there was more to the gameplay for Mite Makes Right, it was more challenging. I think Free Radicals has alot of potential to become a super cool game but it wasn't like that at the end of the contest. Given more time it would have won i think.

Droplet is a cool creation but it isn't a game. The goal was to make a game afaik so i couldn't give you points. It however did look the most proffecional to me with the interface.

Overall i think, even tho we got more time, some entries just needed a bit more. Maybe it's good to pick a slightly simpler approach and then polish it a bit more.

My thoughts on my personal experience:
I liked the 3 day contest. I didn't do anything the last day since my idea was too simple and i hacked it together making additions kind of a pain. I hope the next one is 3 days again. I was lucky this time to get an idea early on. I was even more lucky to find that the idea WAS fun... i had my doubts when i started. But once you get going more idea's pop up on how to make it cooler.
Another nice thing was that i learned some things that i can use for Virii, for example rubygoo.

I hope the next contest is just as cool :)
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Re: Official Voting

Postby shawn42 » Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:02 am

#1) Ant Frenzy
#2) A Tiny World
#3) Mite Makes Right

Ant Frenzy was my wife's favorite. Quick action and easy controls, but still very challenging.

A Tiny World was fun in a squish little guys and watch the blood splatter kinda way. The physics on the house blocks felt a little off and the blocks could have squished the little guys too. :D Overall I liked the game and the sound effects were great!

Mite Makes Right ran a little choppy for some reason, but was such a fun idea that I had to vote for it.

I didn't vote for Droplet, not because it wasn't a game, but because it didn't feel complete. I am apparently the only voter that thinks simulations count as games. The sounds were kinda fun, but to just be able to grow and kill trees didn't feel like enough to play with. I do however love the fact that Jacius was able to successfully navigate the unexplored waters of Gamebox. I received great feedback from both Jacius and kiba on this contest, most of which has already been added to Gamebox.

I felt that 72 hours was perfect. I was able to sleep full nights, keep the wife happy, and still hit the beach and go surfing. Because of all that, I found myself sweating in the last 40 minutes to complete and my level design suffered because of it. I definitely think the games came out better because of the open art/music policy. Being that nobody actually participated in teams, I feel we could probably drop that clause and have individuals compete for the next RubyWeekend.

This being my first contest helping to run and first to participate in, I think it turned out well. Look forward to the next one!
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Re: Official Voting

Postby LoganBarnett » Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:38 am

1) A Tiny World
2) Free Radicals
3) Ant Frenzy

I loved the squishiness of A Tiny World. I was pretty surprised to see that I controlled the feet, not the other way around.

Free Radicals is a neat idea, although it's really hard to get some of the electrons to fire from the big atom on level 3, let alone hit what I need to with it. If I missed and my atom couldn't fire more, I just had to sit there and wait for the level to reset.

Ant Frenzy was pretty fun. I thought as a red ant I could eat the black ants, but no matter what angle I hit them from, it didn't matter. Eventually I found I could eat the peas.

Like everyone else said, Droplet isn't really a game. However, I loved the sound effects from all of the waving trees on Droplet. At some point I'd like to hook my laptop up to some real speakers and see how it sounds. The color and style was awesome, and deserves some kind of award/mention (by my vote).

With having a kid and all, it was really hard to fit in the 15 hours that I worked to make Mite Makes Right what it is. Next time I participate I'm going to have a smaller window to work with, so it'll be even more challenging.

When is the next challenge? d:
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Re: Official Voting

Postby jacius » Sat Jul 04, 2009 6:33 pm

  1. Ant Frenzy
  2. Free Radicals
  3. A Tiny World
Ant Frenzy was the most fun for me. It's a simple concept, and not the most original, but the controls work well, and the challenge increases at a good rate. I was never bored while playing it. I liked how you can change your ant's speed, but you aren't allowed to stop completely -- you have to keep moving, and that keeps it exciting. What I felt it was missing most was sound and music, but that didn't cripple it. The title screen could also use a brief overview of the game (for people too lazy to read), and perhaps make the green peas into purple-red berries so they visually stand out better.

Free Radicals was an interesting concept, and looked, felt, and sounded fairly polished. But, a lot of the gameplay felt like waiting. Waiting for the next electron to come around, or worse, if you miss a shot, waiting until the timer runs out so you can try again. The game could really use a "restart level" button. It also had a nasty crash on level 3 that was only fixed after the contest ended.

A Tiny World was amusing, and pretty entertaining for the first two levels. The action is nice and smooth, probably because you used Gosu (traitor!! ... j/k :lol:) But, I found it not very challenging, and the later levels became dull -- I'd just stomp all the people first (if I tried to do some buildings, the people would get me) and then stomp the building, which felt like a chore. More variety would be nice, both in the objects (maybe some cars?) and the way you destroy them (maybe have the people splat against the buildings when they're kicked, or have buildings fall over like dominos and squish the people on the ground). Also, a more original name. ;)

Mite Makes Right was an interesting interpretation of the theme, but I found it mostly unplayable because the game movement speed was erratic. It would move very slow most of the time (even though it showed I was getting 1400+ fps), but would temporarily speed up a bit if I stuck out my mite's tongue. I think I was able to get an idea of the gameplay, but for some reason it wouldn't let me move on to level 2.

All in all, it was a fun competition, and I'm glad to see plenty of variety in the theme interpretation and gameplay. Kudos, all.
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Re: Official Voting

Postby jacius » Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:42 pm

Voting is closed! The winner will be announced soon.
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