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RubyWeekend #3 Rules (Theme: "A Tiny World")

RubyWeekend #3 Game Creation Contest (June 26-28 2009). Theme: "A Tiny World"

RubyWeekend #3 Rules (Theme: "A Tiny World")

Postby jacius » Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:37 pm

Update: The theme of the contest is "A Tiny World". Good luck to all participants!

RubyWeekend is a pretty relaxed and friendly competition. The point is just to have fun. But, it takes away from the fun if someone cheats, so we have some rules to describe what you can and can't do. The short version is this:

  • The contest period runs from June 26, 00:01 UTC until June 28, 23:59 UTC. You can't work on your game before or after that period.
  • Write your game in Ruby. Libraries can be written in other languages, though.
  • Your game should match the theme that's announced at the start of the contest.
  • Create the code and content yourself (or as a team of up to 3 people), or borrow legal, redistributable stock media (artwork, sounds, etc.) that was available to anyone.
  • Don't create any code or content for your game before the contest starts. (Except for libraries that are available to everyone, for example.)
  • License your code under an OSI-approved license, and your content under a Creative Commons license (or similar).
  • Upload your game to the forums at the end of the contest period.

Here's the long version with more details:

General Rules

  • You can work alone or in teams of 2 or 3 people.
  • After the contest period ends, there will be a voting period (at least a week) while everyone can try out the games and vote in the forums to determine the winners.
  • There are no prizes or money, just "glory" and the satisfaction of having created your very own game from scratch in one weekend!


The theme of the contest will be announced at the start of the contest period.

All games should match the theme in some way, although loose interpretations are allowed. Following the theme is one of the criteria for people to judge contest entries, so it's good to stick to the theme.

Start and End Time

The contest period begins when the theme is announced, and ends 72 hours (minus 2 minutes) after that. All game code (except libraries) and content (except stock media) must be created during the contest period (not before). You have 1 hour after the contest period ends to upload your game (in a zip, tarball, or similar format) to the submissions thread (which will be created soon after the contest period starts).

Game Code and Content

All game code (except libraries) and content (except stock media) must be created by you (or your team) during the contest period. Game code cannot be created before the contest period, or by other people (outside your team), except that you are allowed to use small code snippets that were available to the public before the start of the contest. You are allowed to refer to any documentation or tutorials you wish, or to get support from other people (e.g. library usage tips or help debugging), as long as they aren't "writing your game for you".

Game code should be written primarily in Ruby (that's the point of RubyWeekend!), but it's okay to use small bits of other languages. This only applies to the code you write for you game, not to libraries/extensions, which you can use regardless of what language they are written in.

All game code must be licensed under an OSI-approved license (or released to the public domain). This is to allow other programmers to learn from your code, and allow us to store and distribute (i.e. let people download) your game.

All content included with the game (graphics, sounds, music, maps, fonts, etc.), including stock media and derivatives of stock media, must be licensed in a way that allows them to be distributed without restriction or royalties. We strongly encourage all participants to use a Creative Commons or similarly permissive license for all game content (or release to the public domain), but that is not strictly required.

Libraries and Stock (Pre-Made) Media

All libraries used by your game must be licensed under an OSI-approved license (or released to the public domain). It's okay to use a library that optionally uses another non-open-source library (e.g. Gosu being able to use FMOD), as long as the non-open-source library is not required for your game to run.

Libraries used by your game do not need to be written in Ruby.

You are encouraged to create your own content (graphics, sounds, music, maps, fonts, etc.) for the game, because it's more rewarding that way. But, if you really want to... you can use stock media (i.e. made by other people prior to the contest), and content derived from stock media (for example, recoloring or drawing a pirate hat on top) so long as:

  • It was not created for the purpose of being used in this contest.
  • It was available to the public to use, free of charge, prior to the start of the contest.
  • Its license allows you (and us) to distribute it without restriction or royalties. Note: This excludes most sprites ripped from SNES games, etc. You cannot use content in your game if using it violates copyright laws.
  • If you created a derivative work(s): The original stock media's license must allow anyone to create and distribute derivative works.
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