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Capabilities, Distribution and Performance?

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Capabilities, Distribution and Performance?

Postby meskyanichi » Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:39 am

Hey guys,

I have a few quick questions about Rubygame.

What are the capabilities of this tool? I am looking for something that is capable of developing games that are similar to those of the Super Nintendo / Famicom. I am mainly interested in developing adventure/RPG games, think of the old "Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6" and "Zelda 1, Zelda: Links Awakening", "Zelda: Oracle of Seasons", "Zelda: Oracle of Ages", ""Zelda - A Link to the Past (on SNES)", etc.

Is it possible to create such games using the Rubygame framework?

How would you distribute games? If I build games, I would like for my friends, either on OSX, Linux or Windows to be able to play it. (even if they don't know how to work a Terminal or need to install Ruby). I'm not sure what the possibilities are, however I saw on the home page that Rubygame is capable of running under JRuby? So I assume I can build a Java executable and give that to other people that have the JVM installed, rather than needing to know how to work a Terminal, install Ruby or gem dependencies?

Last question, and this might not really be a Rubygame question but more a Ruby or Java question. Are either Ruby or Java(if compiled as a Java executable) capable of running such a (Super Nintendo-like RPG/Adventure) game in terms of performance? I would assume so, but would like to confirm this.

Any feedback much appreciated! Looking forward to working with this framework to see if I can come up with anything awesome. :) Thanks!
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Re: Capabilities, Distribution and Performance?

Postby sgrevan » Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:48 pm


Rubygame is basically a(n advanced) layer on top of the SDL library which is known to be fast enough to handle approximatively any kind of 2D game you want to make :)

I think you can compile your applications into native binaries using OCRA. Allthough, I haven't tried it myself yet.
I don't know much about JRuby though.

Ruby is quite a slow language. Fortunately, Ruby 1.9 brought a lot of performance improvements and the underlying libraries such as SDL are written in C, so I don't think performance will be a problem, assuming you don't plan to have thousands of sprites on screen.
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