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Thick line drawing code

PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 8:39 pm
by shawn42
Rubygame can now draw lines with a thickness. Until it becomes part of the Rubygame release, here is the code you need to get your own draw_line_a method:

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require 'ftor'
module Rubygame

  class Surface
    def draw_line_s(point1, point2, color, thickness)
      half_thickness = thickness/2.0
      x1 = point1[0]
      y1 = point1[1]
      x2 = point2[0]
      y2 = point2[1]

      point1_vector = x1, y1
      point2_vector = x2, y2

      line_vector = point2_vector-point1_vector
      perp_vector = line_vector.normal.unit

      points = []
      pvt = perp_vector*half_thickness
      poly_point1 =,y1)+pvt
      poly_point2 =,y2)+pvt
      poly_point3 =,y2)-pvt
      poly_point4 =,y1)-pvt

      points << [poly_point1.x,poly_point1.y]
      points << [poly_point2.x,poly_point2.y]
      points << [poly_point3.x,poly_point3.y]
      points << [poly_point4.x,poly_point4.y]
      points << [poly_point1.x,poly_point1.y]

      draw_polygon_s points, color
      draw_circle_s [x1,y1], half_thickness, color
      draw_circle_s [x2,y2], half_thickness, color

end # module Rubygame

Screen shot example: (thickness of 17)