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Wait... How do I free surfaces?

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Wait... How do I free surfaces?

Postby tape0 » Mon Jun 15, 2009 2:29 pm

Okay, maybe I didn't read the docs carefully enough... But how do I free a loaded surface :roll: ?
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Re: Wait... How do I free surfaces?

Postby jacius » Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:41 pm

In general, you just don't have to worry about freeing Surfaces (or anything else in Rubygame). The garbage collector will (eventually) automatically free them if there are no more references to them (i.e. not stored in any variables or arrays or hashes). For example:

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surf = Rubygame::Surface.load("image.png")
surf.blit( screen, [0,0] )
surf = nil
# The Surface will be garbage collected sometime after this.

There's not any way to explicitly free a Surface in Rubygame, although if you really need it to be freed right away, there are ways to force the garbage collector to run.
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