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Rubygame 2.6.2 and Ruby 1.9 early experiences

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Rubygame 2.6.2 and Ruby 1.9 early experiences

Postby ayqazi » Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:04 pm


I would like to detail my early experiences with porting my Ruby 1.8 and Rubygame 2.5 based project to Ruby 1.9 and Rubygame 2.6.

It went quite smoothly - just had to install the new gems for Ruby 1.9, and that was it - so good job guys! However a few points:

I store paths as Pathname objects. So I'll do 'ROOTDIR + "blah.ttf" which gives a Pathname object, which when 'to_s'ed, gives '/root/dir/to/game/blah.ttf'. and Rubygame::Surface.load both require the Pathname to be explicitly be 'to_s'ed now. They did not before.... Still it's not a problem, my tests picked up the problems and I fixed it in a matter of seconds. Just something to keep in mind.

It is a bit slower. Disabling vsync and the Rubygame::Clock, I ran a demo at a low resolution, and ruby 1.8 with Rubygame 2.5 achieved 150fps, while ruby 1.9 with Rubygame 2.6 achieved 140fps. So Rubygame 2.6 is a bit slower, however the added convenience of Ruby 1.9 means I'm going to keep using it.

However, everything else WORKS! So great effort, and keep up the good work!
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Re: Rubygame 2.6.2 and Ruby 1.9 early experiences

Postby jacius » Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:36 am

Hi ayqazi, thanks for your feedback.

I've just commited a fix for the issue with the filenames, so that will be fixed in the next release. (I'm not sure when exactly that will be, though.)

The small drop in performance is expected from porting to FFI, but there are several areas where Rubygame can be optimized to improve its current performance. So hopefully some day Rubygame will surpase the performance of 2.5. :)
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