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Rubygame based platform

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Rubygame based platform

Postby puyo » Thu Feb 26, 2009 3:46 am

I think Rubygame is a great game library but what I'm really looking for is a platform, or framework, that takes care of almost everything for me and leaves me to the job of implementing a fun game. Specifically, things I don't want to have to worry about:

- main loop
- FPS limiting
- collision detection
- A* path finding
- static compilation / distribution issues
- image manipulation (getpixel, setpixel, primitive drawing)
- compiling physics libraries
- multiple namespaces (e.g. ImageMagick, Chipmunk, et al)

I want a Ruby game framework that feels like I'm being hugged.

I was playing with Love2D ( ... ed/grapple) and I found it exceptionally easy to get up and running. It's not complex *enough* for me to write a very compelling game very easily but then, it's 0.5.0 so presumably they have not implemented everything yet. But I love where love2d is going...

I also used to use Allegro ( which I loved to death. It is a fairly exhaustive 2D game library with which some wonderful indie games are written.

So I was imagining an ideal world where I do something like this:

$ mkdir mygame
$ vim mygame/game.rb
Code: Select all
class MyGame < Rubygame::Game
  def load()
    @x = 0.0

  def draw()
    Graphics.draw_line(@screen, 0, 0, @x, 20, 0xff0000)

  def update(dt)
    @x += dt
$ zip mygame
$ mv mygame.rubygame
$ sudo gem install rubygame
$ rubygame mygame.rubygame

Voila! 60 FPS. 640x480 window. A red line on a black screen grows longer.

Anybody else interested in that kind of thing?
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Re: Rubygame based platform

Postby tyler » Sat Feb 28, 2009 6:15 am

I'm actually started working on something like this. But when I realized I would need more game development experience I stopped and started making another game to broaden my skillset.

When I start it back up again, I'll post the link here.

I'm interested if someone already has something like this...
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