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Introductions (Say hello!)

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Re: Introductions (Say hello!)

Postby Heathkun » Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:04 pm

My name is Heath. I'm a 26 year old professional Ruby server(software) developer. I started out about 12 years using C and C++. I've been heavy into indie development since then. Specifically multi-player gaming. I've went through a variety of languages over the years besides C. I've learned Java, Perl, Smalltalk, Python, and Lua... But Ruby is the one I've really fallen in love with.

I've been quietly stalking the forums for about 6 months here. In that time I've built a few neat single player games for testing with RubyGame. An asteroids clone, a tower defense game, pacman. But these were really side projects to get my feet wet with this library.

Now I'm working on a free to play MMO using RubyGame and Java as the client. I'm using c++ and Ruby for the server. I've got a substantial amount of work done on it including a lot of art work and lore, a GUI framework, particles, network packets and filmstrips with state on the client side. On the server side I have equally about as much work done including the SQL database, packet processing, and administrative tools. Scaling has been a major concern of mine and I've designed the packet processing system to use erlang like coroutines. So far the throughput is about 10,000 packets a second processed with automatically throttling and queueing if the system is overloaded.

The game itself will be in the style of jrpgs of the 90's with the refinements of modern mmos. The theme is a cross between jwestern and post apocalyptic steampunk. The other members of the project and myself have been working on the class design and theme for a little over a year now. It's very well worked out on paper. Just have to get it produced. :)

Yes, I still have a long ways to go, but I'm happy to report that I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel for a first alpha.
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Re: Introductions (Say hello!)

Postby meskyanichi » Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:42 am

Hi, nice to meet all of you!

I'm Michael van Rooijen ( @meskyanichi ) and I'm usually busy with either Ruby on Rails projects, or open source projects ( in pure Ruby ). Recently I've been thinking of developing a game and after doing some research, it led me to Rubygame.

I'm hoping to be able to develop some games, similar to the older games on the NES/SNES, particularly in the adventure/rpg genre. Think of games like Final Fantasy 1 through 6 and practically all Zelda NES, SNES and Gameboy games.

Looking forward to experiment with this and see where it leads!
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Re: Introductions (Say hello!)

Postby nkoehring » Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:21 pm

Hello all,

my name is Norman. I'm a developer based in Germany. I started programming around 1995 (I was 10yo) with some BASIC on a good old Commodore 64. Today I am mostly in dynamic languages like Python and Ruby. I'm also a professional RubyOnRails developer and already had fun with like anything except Lisp :D

Additionally I am a open source fan and contributor and started with Rubygame to get some more practice with Ruby outside Rails. My first project is a nifty little TowerDefence game.
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Re: Introductions (Say hello!)

Postby zachaysan » Tue May 10, 2011 3:30 pm

Hey everyone,

My name is Zach Aysan (@zachaysan github/twitter/etc). My parents met at IBM so I've coded since I was 6 on ugly QBASIC and other MS languages. Did professional development from 14 to 17 at a company doing work for various clandestine intelligence agencies and telcoms. Got fed up with the horrible languages I had to use (pre-.NET ASP, pre-JQuery JS) and went off to study structural engineering at Waterloo. Graduated and practiced for a short while, but I was continually drawn back to coding.

Found Ruby, fell in love. Mostly use it as a data mining scripting language, but I whip up a rails/sinatra projects too. Found Ruby game while browsing StackOverflow (I'm a helpful hacker when I can be) and I've committed to building an open source (but not free as in beer, I plan to sell it for $1 to $3 dollars on steam) awesome indie game with Rubygame.

I'm a regular at Hacker News where I'm known as "3pt14159".

I'm here to learn about the devils in the details with Rubygame and to help out patching it where it needs patching. ;)
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