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Rubygame Forums 2009-05-04T20:18:18+00:00 2009-05-04T20:18:18+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: gamebox announced]]> (created by: Jeremy Hinegardner). It doesn't quite do what we need it to for the Rubygame community, but I got this response from Jeremy:

Hi Shawn,

Yes, I'd like to help out with rubygame, I just haven't had the time to spend on
it that I would like right now. I'll be working on crate during Railsconf
(leaving for vegas in a few hours) and I think I can come up with some sort of
strategy for rubygame.

I talk about crate tomorrow morning, and after that I'll be hacking for most of
the rest of the conference.



This is great news for Gamebox and Rubygame as a whole. I feel Gosu has the easy install/setup going for it; compared to Rubygame. If we can overcome this hurdle, we can truly start to rival the likes of Gosu and Pygame.

Statistics: Posted by shawn42 — Mon May 04, 2009 8:18 pm

2009-04-02T14:46:05+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: gamebox announced]]>

The step by step tutorial is in development, and the rdocs need to be cleaned up. But, if anyone has input, I'd love to hear it. The code can be viewed here:

And no kiba, the auto-packaging doesn't work yet! :lol:

PS here the tentative logo/icon:

Statistics: Posted by shawn42 — Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:46 pm

2009-02-10T21:01:57+00:00 <![CDATA[gamebox announced]]>
gem install gamebox
gamebox zappy

will generate a new game directory with placeholder code, all ready to go. It will also have rake tasks for packaging stand-alone apps for different environments.
rake dist:mac
rake dist:linux
=> my_game
rake dist:win
=> MyGame.exe

each generating their own distributable package.

I will be extracting this from commonalities of my other Rubygame games. This tool could also be used for more rubygame weekend competitions.
I am very open to ideas and suggestions at this point. Drop me a line.

Get it:

Tentative icon:

Statistics: Posted by shawn42 — Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:01 pm