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I’ve finished the massive cleanup of the panda demo. I moved all the random shape drawing to another demo (demo_draw.rb), and turned the panda demo into a pretty good example of game structure. It has a Game class which organizes the clock, screen, sprites, event queue and handler, etc. The Game, the sprites, and the …

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Status Update

Finished the last two things on my list: Specs for the mouse event triggers. Add Joystick.activate_all and Joystick.deactivate_all. But I thought up more stuff to add to the list: Add _magic_trigger and _magic_action methods to Has EventHandler. These would be private methods that you can override to define your own custom “magic” conversion rules when …

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Ruby Weekend #2 Voting Ends Tonight!

Vote for your favorite games before it’s too late! Rank the games according to your favorites, then send me a forum PM or email! Voting closes tonight, August 1 at 23:59 UTC! See the voting forum thread for details and a list of the entries.

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Ruby Weekend #2 Results

It’s time to announce the winners of the RubyWeekend #2 Contest! Third Place: Mizutoka by jlnr! Second Place: Cheese Master by elcugo! First Place: Opposite Islands by ippa! Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who competed or voted! It’s no easy task to create a game in 48 hours, but I hope everybody …

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Ruby Slots

Ruby Slots Review

Not every online slot game is a paradise for the ardent gamblers. Starting a review with such a statement might convey everything that follows. However, it depends on the taste of an individual whether to pick this option or not. What follows might generate polarizing opinions due to the unpleasant experiences of some gamblers. Ruby …

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