Ruby-SDL-FFI 0.4 released

Ruby-SDL-FFI 0.4 is now available. This is a small bugfix release to address a Mac issue and two missing methods. Thanks to Bart Leusink for doing all the work! :)

Release notes:

  • Fixed the display window not gaining focus on Mac OS X 10.6. Thanks to Bart Leusink for fixing this.
  • Added SDL::SaveBMP and SDL::LoadBMP methods. These were convenience macros defined in the SDL headers. They have been reimplemented as Ruby methods by Bart Leusink.

The easiest way to install Ruby-SDL-FFI is with gem install ruby-sdl-ffi. (If you want to use Ruby-SDL-FFI or Rubygame on JRuby, you may need to install the ffi stub gem first.) Gem and source tarballs are also available, and you can get the source from Github too:



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