Rubygame 2.6.3 released

Rubygame 2.6.3 is now available. This is a maintenance release which fixes several bugs, mostly related to how events are converted from SDL into Ruby. It also adds a way to prevent Rubygame from automatically initializing SDL when Rubygame is first required. Also, Nice-FFI 0.4 has been released, which should fix issues that Rubygame some users have had with the SDL libraries not being found, even when they were installed correctly.

Changes in 2.6.3:

  • Fixed: MouseMoved events always reported that all buttons were being pressed, even when they were not. [#38]
  • Fixed: MousePressed and MouseReleased events would raise an error for mouse buttons larger than 5. [#40]
  • Fixed: KeyPressed and KeyReleased events always reported that all modifier keys were being pressed, even when they were not. [#41]
  • Fixed: Rubygame would generate spurious WindowUnminimized, InputFocusGained, and MouseFocusGained events (or the opposite) whenever any one of those events actually occurred.
  • Fixed: Surface#convert would raise NameError if no Screen was open, due to a typo. [#42]
  • Rubygame will now skip auto-initialization if the RUBYGAME_NOINIT environment variable (ENV["RUBYGAME_NOINIT"]) is set to "1", "true", or "yes" (case insensitive). You must set the environment variable before doing require "rubygame". This is intended for special cases where auto-initialization is not wanted.

Thanks to Dan Morgenegg, moinkers, and tape0 for their bug reports!

You can update a gem-based install with gem update rubygame, or download Rubygame from Rubyforge.


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