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I’ve finally migrated the Rubygame blog from Mephisto to WordPress, like I did for my personal blog back in November. Apologies if the switchover has caused some spam in your feed reader.


François submitted a comment on #

Hi John

I hope it’s ok that I post here. I am a newbie of ruby and rubygame, and I cannot figure out where to get a method… Please do you know where I can get tutorials or examples of rubygame? Indeed I cannot find out how to get the mouse pointer’s position once the mouse has been clicked. I’ve been going through the documentation but could not find… Well I found MouseButtonEvent, but its constructor needs a position argument, which I don’t understand why it is needed to be provided here… and the constant :mouse_left is not recognized by the interpretor! well, not easy for a newbie… Please any advices are more than welcome

Best Regards


François submitted a comment on #

ok, problem solved :

queue =
queue.enable_new_style_events #important
queue.each do|e|
      return if e.is_a?(Rubygame::Events::QuitRequested)
	puts 'pressed'if e.is_a?(Rubygame::Events::MousePressed)


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