Rubygame 2.6.2 released

Rubygame 2.6.2 has been released. This bugfix version restores two methods that were accidently lost during the FFI port:

  • Fixed: Rubygame::Screen.set_mode and Rubygame::Screen.instance were accidently lost during the FFI port. (Note: those methods are deprecated, but kept for backwards compatibility. New code should use or instead.)

Thanks to mattis in IRC for bringing this problem to my attention!

You can update a gem-based install with gem update rubygame, or download Rubygame from Rubyforge.


jon submitted a comment on #

Hello, I just found out about your library while browsing around on in the game section. Is there any chance you could put some screenshots, videos, and other media from test demos or games using your library on your website?

Charles Strahan submitted a comment on #

Excellent news! Keep up the great work.

I’m in need of a solid framework like this for a game engine I am working on - this might do the trick!

Cheers, -Charles

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