Rubygame 2.6.1 & Ruby-SDL-FFI 0.2 released

Bug fix releases of Rubygame and Ruby-SDL-FFI are now available.

Rubygame 2.6.1 changes:

  • Fixed: Rubygame::Mixer.open_audio was using a different default audio format than it did in 2.5.3, which caused an error on Mac. (Note: Rubygame::Mixer.open_audio is deprecated, but kept for backwards compatibility. Use Rubygame.open_audio instead.)
  • Fixed: Rubygame no longer tries to load audio features if SDL_mixer is not available. Trying to load them would cause an error, and didn't match the old behavior.

Ruby-SDL-FFI 0.2 changes:

  • The values of SDL::AUDIO_U16SYS and SDL::AUDIO_S16SYS are now correct on both big-endian and little-endian systems.
  • SDL::Gfx::arcRGBA is now considered optional (as it should have been in version 0.1). Loading will continue even if it is not available, such as when using older versions of SDL_gfx.
  • The minimum supported version of SDL_gfx is now 2.0.13. It was 2.0.17 before.
  • SDL::Gfx::rotozoomSurfaceXY and SDL::Gfx::rotozoomSurfaceSizeXY are no longer considered optional, because they are available in all supported versions of SDL_gfx (2.0.13 and higher).

Updated gems are available from Rubyforge and Gemcutter (install with gem install rubygame), and source packages are available at Rubyforge.



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