RubyWeekend #3 Winners

The winners of RubyWeekend #3 are...

  1. Ant Frenzy by Garepjotr (10 points)
  2. A Tiny World by ippa (9 points)
  3. Free Radicals by shawn42 (7 points)
  4. Mite Makes Right by LoganBarnett (3 points)
  5. Droplet by jacius (1 point)

(Scores are tallied from the voting thread. First-rank votes are worth 3 points, second-rank votes are 2 points, and third rank votes are worth 1 point.)

Congratulations to our winners: Garepjotr, ippa, and shawn42!

Didn't get a chance to play the games? Download them from the forums!


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