RubyWeekend #3 Starts Now: "A Tiny World"

The theme for the RubyWeekend #3 game contest has been announced: A Tiny World!

If you're participating, you have until June 28, 23:59 UTC (72 hours from now) to create a game in Ruby that matches the theme. Then, package it and upload it to the RubyWeekend #3 forums.

We recommend taking some time to think about the theme before you start coding. Come up with a good idea for a small game that you can create in just one weekend. It's good to keep a brief log along the way, since it's interesting for others to read about, and it can also help you focus your ideas! Twitter is great for quick log entries; we recommend tagging your tweets with #RubyWeekend. Or if you have a blog, post the URL in the forums.

We're also hanging out in IRC during the contest: #rubygame on freenode. Come join us if you want to chat with other participants! (But don't let IRC eat all your time!)


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