Ah, Vacation!

Ah, I finally get to kick back and relax: it's vacation time! I'm avoiding real work as much as possible for the next 2 weeks to a month, and just slacking off and tending to fun things.

Now that Rubygame 2.5.0 is out, the next order of business is to clean up the web sites! Rubygame has moved a few times in its 4+ year history, and has left a bit of a slime trail as it went. (Note: many of the following links will become redirects within a few days of posting this.) Rubygame was first hosted on SEUL.org, then added an Infogami wiki to augment the static site. Then it moved to Sourceforge, and then added a wiki on SF. Then I added this blog to augment the SF site, and then mostly abandoned SF, hosting the source on Github, releases on RubyForge, and docs here at rubygame.org. Phew!

Now I'm getting around to making this an actual coherent site, instead of just a blog, forums, and other random things scattered around. I'm also cleaning up as many of the old sites as I can. I accidently permanently borked the Infogami site a couple days ago by deleting the site template (oops), so now it's just... nothing. The SEUL and SF sites will become transparent redirects to the new site, which will start off as an updated version of the current SF site (since I'm still happy with my work on that).

After that's taken care of, I'm going to try to convert this blog and the one over at blog.jacius.info to WordPress, since Mephisto is kinda clunky, plus I'm kinda tired of having to restart Mongrel when something goes wrong on the server. Finally, I'll probably set up MediaWiki to have a modern, community-editable Rubygame wiki. (Yes, the blog, wiki, and forums for Rubygame will all be running on PHP, and no, I don't see any irony there. Call me when there's a Ruby-based blog, wiki, or forum app in the same league as the PHP ones.)

I should also come up with a Rubygame logo. I've got a new concept in mind (my motivation for finishing up this one is getting stale), so I'll be experimenting with that on the side.

This next one is a bit of a stretch, since there are other things I'd like to do, too, but I'd also like to take another stab at the API Documentation app I tried to write last year. I detest having to work with (or against, as it were) RDoc for the Rubygame documentation. Every Rubygame release involves me fiddling for hours trying to get RDoc to format output the way I want, and the final result is mediocre, even when it's working perfectly.

So, I was thinking of writing a web app to manage documentation. But I made the mistake of trying to do it in Rails (hah, hah, silly me), so the project crashed into a smoking heap of garbage and nils-where-I-didn't-expect-them. (I guess that's what happens when you try to ride Rails to someplace it doesn't feel like going.)

I had been thinking about retrying it with Merb, to see if that was any better, until I heard it would be merging with Rails in the future. I might try Ramaze instead. Or heck, even Sinatra would be better than Rails. A bit more code to write, maybe, but fewer headaches and stomach ulcers. (If I wanted headaches and ulcers during my vacation, I'd go back to work early.)

But, I'm not sure I'll take on that project yet. After all, I could use the time I'd spend on that, to work on Rubygame 3.0, Rebirth, a game, or some other fun thing!

We'll see.

Oh, I forgot to mention the most important thing to do during my vacation: have lots and lots of afternoon naps in the sunshine with a cat on my lap.


mickro submitted a comment on #

Thanks you for your job on RubyGame. I discovered it last week. Good luck for the next of project.

have nice vacations

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