Rubygame News (2.5 & 3.0)

Alright, in typically me-ish fashion, "coming soon" has turned out to be over a month. A rushed and stressful work project that was supposed to last 4 weeks, has dragged on for 8 due to technical troubles, but it's finally coming to a close, and I'm taking a much-needed vacation from that, and tending to other things that I have neglected in that time. That means:

  • Rubygame 2.5 this weekend. The code is finished, but I'm still finishing up the Clock tutorial.
  • Tending to the web site and forums, fixing and cleaning stuff up, and adding more information. Possibly adding a wiki?
  • Writing more tutorials.
  • Possibly finishing the Rubygame mascot.
  • Releasing a few new micro-versions of Rebirth.
  • Planning and working on Rubygame 3.0.

Rubygame 3.0? Whuzzah huh?

I've been feeling inspired to hammer out Rubygame 3.0, which would be the first break in backwards compatibility in almost exactly 2 years. This will involve cleaning out a lot of cruft and warts that have been revealed over the years.

It will also, most likely, involve finally ditching SDL_gfx for SPriG. I recently stumbled upon SPriG, which seems to be an updated and trimmed down fork of SGE. Overall, it looks like a much nicer library, containing a great many useful features that SDL_gfx has been missing, and I'm looking forward to testing it out.

Assuming it works out alright, you can expect some sweeping improvements to the Rubygame drawing system.


Beoran submitted a comment on #

Good work! Rubygame 3 sounds exciting.! Sprig (and also SGE) should also work better on Windows.

sparkymat submitted a comment on #

Wow!! 3.0 is happening?! Good good!

Btw, in order to compile Rubygame 2.4.1 on Windows, I had to move the variable declarations to the top of the respective blocks. The files being .c files (as opposed to .cpp), VC++ throws a bunch of errors if I don’t. Could you correct this for Rubygame 2.5 (or, I could correct it once I figure out git :-) )?

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