Poll: What Rubygame Tutorials Should I Write?

I'm considering about writing some guides/tutorials about specific aspects or features of Rubygame, to help people understand how best to use them.

To help me get an idea of what topics I should write about, I'd like to know which topics you'd most like a guide for. In other words, which topics would you benefit most from, either clearing up confusion or improving your skills?

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ysorigin submitted a comment on #

i would like to view the source code :)… maybe someone will like to see an tutorial example developing a easy game with Rubygame….

nicolas submitted a comment on #

I would like how to build a basic app skeleton using different patterns. Will be really helpful, because i can’t find it, like MVC for example.

Asfand Yar Qazi submitted a comment on #


I must say Rubygame is very very nice in what it does… however, I’d love to see more explanation of the various utilities provided like Sprite, collision detection, etc.

I’m trying to find a tutorial on Rubygame more than just ‘here is how you open a window’, and I can’t find one.

Thanks. Regards, Asfand Yar Qazi

markus submitted a comment on #

“I’d like to know which topics you’d most like a guide for”

Personally, and this may sound surprising, I would like to learn from SIMPLE examples about doing something.

From-simple-to-difficult buildups, this is how my old brain learns best. What I mean is, I think a great way would be to make a tutorial which can be divided into many many small subsections. For example, we could create a simple widget that counts numbers. Then we could make a small widget that loads different images. Then we could combine these two, then we could add sound effects whenever a certain key is pressed, and so on.

What i mean is, to keep everything as simple as possible.

Or in other words, something which people who wanna create games, could profit easily. It will become more difficult anyway, but I found those snippets incredibly helpful - a snippet of ruby code often explains more than 1000 words.

This is how I learned RMagick, via many examples :)

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