Rubygame 2.5 Coming Soon

The improved Clock code is more or less done now (it's currently in my next branch on Github, if you're curious). The changes so far:

  • Clock.wait and Clock.delay work better in multithreaded apps (when given a yield value).
  • Added Clock#granularity and Clock#yield attributes to tweak the delay used in Clock#tick.
  • Added Clock#calibrate_granularity (whee, long English method names) to calculate a good granularity for the current system. This reduces unnecessary CPU usage a lot on systems with accurate timers, especially Linux and Mac.
  • The framerate monitoring code for Clock#framerate is much improved, giving more accurate and responsive results.
  • Added the ClockTicked event class. Use Clock#enable_tick_events to make Clock#tick return events instead of raw millisecond times. ClockTicked has methods for getting the tick time as milliseconds or seconds.
  • Added a new TickTrigger event trigger class. You can use it in your event hooks to detect ClockTicked events.
  • You can use the symbol :tick as a trigger in HasEventHandler#make_magic_hooks to easily create a TickTrigger.

One further improvement I'm considering is caching ClockTicked events in Clock#tick. So, basically, Clock would keep a hash of ClockTicked events for each distinct value (integer milliseconds) and just return references to the existing one instead of creating a new one. That should help keep Ruby's garbage collector happy.

I should probably create some specs/regression tests for Clock, too.

I also need to look at other changes to possibly include in 2.5:

  • shawn42 created a cool method for drawing thick lines that might be worth including, possibly ported to C.
  • singpolyma made a function to get the resolution of the user's display, but due to the sillyness of the underlying SDL function, it only works the way we want it to if there's not a Screen open. I'm not sure how I'll manage to impose consistency on it. Maybe have it return nil or raise an error when there's an open Screen?
  • I've had a couple event hook/handler improvements floating around in my head, like named hooks and make_magic_hooks_for (which works like make_magic_hooks, but with a hook owner other than self).
  • I might write a brief guide to using Clock most effectively.

Anyway, I have some free time this weekend, so Rubygame 2.5 should be out Saturday or Sunday evening.


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