Rebirth 0.3

Finished up Rebirth 0.3 today. This version is quite a bit heavier than the previous two, but still just light enough to be called a micro-release. It adds two new simple classes:

  • Shape, which is the base class for all shapes in Rebirth. It implements @pos, @rot, @scale, and @visible attributes, and handles the OpenGL matrix stuff for transforming the shape.
  • Box, which inherits from Shape. It draws as a square or rectangle, depending on whether @scale is the same or different on x and y. It overrides #_draw to provide the OpenGL calls for rendering the polygons in local space.

I also made a mixin, HasEventHandler, which extends Rubygame's mixin of the same name to add a new method, #make_magic_hooks_for. It's just like HasEventHandler#make_magic_hooks, but uses the specified object as the hook owner. I'm planning on adding that method for the next release of Rubygame.

The demo for this version just shows a white rectangle. The background is purple (instead of the promised black) so that I could tell the screen was being cleared. Here's a commemorative screenshot; it's not much to look at, but you can click for the full image.

Screenshot showing a tilted white rectangle on a purple background

Like the other micro-releases, there's no download for this, but it's tagged as release-0.3 on github.

The next version was slated to be GameObject (i.e. Sprite) — not Circle, as I had thought — but while working on this version, I realized I needed a Camera class to see anything on the screen. I implemented a basic camera class in the demo, but I'm going to make the next release Camera, then GameObject, then Circle.


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