Rebirth 0.2

In addition to Rubygame 2.4.1, I finished Rebirth 0.2 yesterday.

I'm continuing with the "micro-releases" concept for Rebirth. This version adds just one feature, and it only took a couple hours to write: the EventManager class. It's basically an EventHandler with a built-in EventQueue. Nothing too special, just another milestone (or inchstone, maybe) towards a complete game framework.

There's also an exciting new demo for this version: a black screen that quits when you press Q. The demo for the previous version was a black screen that quit after 10 seconds. The next version will add a white rectangle. Excitement ensues!

There's no source drop for this release, and there's nothing interesting enough to warrant downloading it, but it's tagged for posterity as release-0.2 on Github.

An aside: I'm really glad I had done so much planning back in June, when I was just starting Rebirth. It has been so long since then that I would have had no idea what to do today. Having the plans and roadmap set out already really helped me remember the direction I wanted to go, and let me focus on what to do next. It also lowered the mental barrier to re-entry, since I didn't have to dread the unpleasant task of trying to remember what was going on back then.

So: Planning. I wholeheartedly endorse it.


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