New Forums for Rubygame

I've set up forums for Rubygame, since the unofficial ones seem to be completely dead.

The new forums are at Easy to remember, yeah? Go break them in with some new posts!

If anyone has any recommendations for a better forum theme, I'd love to hear them. The forums are running phpBB.

(Yeah, I know, it's heresy for a Ruby programmer to use an application written in any other language. Well, guess what, I'm planning to switch these blogs to Wordpress as soon as I can work out how to convert the databases, too. Ease of use and maintenance trumps blind language devotion.)


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Actually, although I personally think PHP is not a good language, phpBB is a great software. I think it is perfectly fine to use great software, no matter which language it uses.

Also, really many people use Wordpress despite all the problems it has, so you are definitely one of those guys who is running with the current, rather than constantly fighting it. Even Gobolinux lately got a blog at - and they use wordpress. But before that, there simply was no real Gobolinux blog, so …. :)

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while phpBB probably was the right decision I just found this:

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Hello… ;)

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