Status Update (October 21)

Finished the 3 things I mentioned yesterday:

  • Added _make_magic_action and _make_magic_trigger to HasEventHandler. I moved the conversion behavior from magic_hooks to those methods, now you can use method overriding and inheritance to add custom conversion rules. (Oh, and I also renamed magic_hooks to make_magic_hooks.)
  • Put actions in EventActions, and triggers in EventTriggers. Added docs describing how to write your own action or trigger classes.
  • Simplified MethodAction. No more pass_event (it always passes), and no more rescuing ArgumentError, either.

I also merged the event_handler git branch into the dev-2.4 branch, and updated the NEWS file.

I'll have to look everything over, but I think it's done. I might do some extra fiddling around between now and the 24th, but I think I could release it as-is now.


sparkymat submitted a comment on #


oh, do post a small write-up on how to use the new features.. i am a bit lost on what magic hooks are all about…

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