Status Update (October 19)

Well, "tomorrow" didn't quite turn out, but I've got atiaxi's ACTIVEEVENT fix merged in. Although he might want to read up a bit on the effects and uses of bitwise AND ("&") versus bitwise OR ("|"). ;-)

My next step was to revamp the function so that it could possibly return multiple Rubygame events from a single SDL_ACTIVEEVENT. That wasn't much trouble at all, and the results are now pushed to the dev-2.4 branch on github.

Here are the remaining to-dos for the Rubygame 2.4 release:

  • Specs for the mouse event triggers
  • Making joysticks enabled automatically (?)

I'm not sure about the joysticks thing, though. That would start sending joystick events to the event queue without any Joystick instances having been created, which could be an unexpected change in behavior. So, it might be something to consider for 3.0, but not for 2.4.

I could add Joystick.activate_all and deactivate_all (or some other similar named methods) to make it easier to activate the joysticks, though. Hrmm, I'll think about it. Leave a comment if you've got thoughts about that.


atiaxi submitted a comment on #

At work we have a collection of sayings called “Programming Tips of the Day”. These are all simple things we should already know (e.g. “Compile step going too quickly? Try saving your changes!”) but are also in the collection because they’re things we’ve done.

There is one for this instance:

“Programming Tip of the Day: There is a difference between ‘and’ and ‘or’”


John Croisant submitted a comment on #

That’s a good one! :)

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