Status Update (October 16)

Even with the reduced number of commitments, I've been busy as always. Actually, I have a tendency to make new commitments, and a little side project distracted me this past week.

But, I made some progress tonight. I've finished specs for HasEventHandler #magic_hooks, and also made so you can pass already-made trigger or actions to it, as I mentioned last time.

I'll have to look around some more to be sure, but I think all that's left is:

  • Specs for the mouse event triggers
  • Docs for the event actions
  • Making joystick support enabled automatically
  • Maybe test that the new joystick events actually work. (I wonder if I have a working joystick somewhere?)

An October release still looks certain.


atiaxi submitted a comment on #

Don’t forget integrating certain pull requests which fix certain crashes :)

John Croisant submitted a comment on #

That too! :D

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