Status Update (October 5)

EventHandler specs are done. I also added a couple methods (#has_hook?, #remove_hook) that were conspicuously missing. Pushed everything to Github.

Realized I haven't specced HasEventHandler. Not sure I will. Maybe #magic_hooks.

Speaking of magic hooks, I need to make so you can pass it trigger or action instances.


sparkymat submitted a comment on #

Once you are done documenting the API, can you write a couple of tutorials for

a) Basics - There are other tutorials, but an updated one for Rubygame 2.4 is requried

b) The new event mechanism

Sample code with comments would do just fine. If you can set up a wiki on, I could expand the commented code into full blown tutorials.

Killi submitted a comment on #

Seams to be a nice Project you have there.

I just wanted to ask if i should wait for the official 2.4 release or can i start making a little game with the git version?

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