Working towards Rubygame 2.4

Slowly but surely, I'm working towards Rubygame 2.4.

As a reminder, 2.4 is going to be about events. In particular, a new Events module with a suite of SDL-based event classes to replace the old event classes.

The reason for this is to clean up the API; all the events are tucked away in their own cozy little module instead of cluttering up the Rubygame namespace, and they've got nicer class names. The documentation and code are also nice and clean, and all the event classes are thoroughly specced. The class interfaces are also more tightly controlled, for example freezing attributes to prevent modification.

The new event classes also do away with the massive list of integer constants (K_ESCAPE, MOUSE_BUTTON_LEFT, etc.) that were cluttering up the code. Instead, they use symbols for key names, mouse buttons, etc. This also makes the code you write a lot nicer to read.

Another nice improvement is that the KeyPressed event now has an attribute with a Unicode string containing the glyph (if any) that was generated by the keypress. This is very nice for text input, for example if you're programming a GUI.

All the new event classes are finished, written in Ruby. I'm currently implementing the C-side event conversion. The code is much cleaner and nicer to read this time around, let me tell you! (One would hope so, given the years of extra C experience I have under by belt.) After the new classes are in place, I'll mark the old event classes as deprecated; they'll be removed entirely in Rubygame 3.

The new event classes are only half of 2.4, though. The other half is the new hook-based event handler system, including the much-anticipated "magic hooks". The code for that stuff has been complete for a while, but it still needs to be cleaned up, documented, and specced. Once that rolls out, you can kiss your huge case-when blocks goodbye, my friends.

Given how often and suddenly I get swamped with work, predicting a release date for 2.4 is futile. But, I'd say it would take only 3 or 4 more afternoon/evening sessions to get it polished off. Whether that will take a week or two months is impossible to say.


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