Fixing Rubygame's fragile development model

Deadlines and work-related stress continue to stomp on my head. I have very little energy / motivation left for anything else, lately.

What's that? Go cry, emo kid, you say? You're right, enough of my whining.

Two things are becoming increasingly clear:

  1. I really need to figure out a way to reduce the work stress, and have more motivation for other things.
  2. Rubygame's development model is very fragile.

#1 is not very interesting to you, so I'll talk about #2.

Rubygame's development model is fragile, for the simple reason that I'm the only "active" Rubygame developer. This has been true for most of Rubygame's lifetime, aside from brief periods where some developer would come along for a while, then wander off.

And given the amount of time I've been able to put into Rubygame lately, calling me an "active" developer is stretching the word quite a bit. Really, there aren't any active Rubygame developers. Nobody's actively working on it. It's just sitting there. (Sadly, this too has been true for most of Rubygame's lifetime, aside from brief bursts of productivity.)

Clearly, that's a problem. The obvious solution is to get more people involved, so that even when I'm busy, Rubygame doesn't stagnate.

How would somebody get involved? Maybe like this:

  1. Choose an open ticket that you think you could handle. Or something new. Whatever floats your boat. I'm not picky, I just want to keep Rubygame active and relevant.
  2. Create a fork of Rubygame on Github.
  3. Do the work in your fork.
  4. Send me a pull request.
  5. I'll pull the changes, and if it looks good, merge them into the "official" Rubygame and close the ticket.

The nice thing about that system is that you don't have to dedicate yourself to Rubygame if you don't want to. Yeah, it would be really nice to have a dozen developers making weekly contributions to Rubygame, but not everybody has the time for that. The system would work fine even if you only make one contribution to Rubygame.

Anyway, that's my idea. If it still seems sane in the morning, I'll see if I can write up a call for developers and go fishing.


Shawn Anderson submitted a comment on #

Are you still keeping rebirth for your own, or are you opening that up as well?

John Croisant submitted a comment on #

@Shawn: I’d be willing to take exceptionally good contributions to Rebirth, but it’s still my baby at this point.

Beoran submitted a comment on #

Hey, Jacius, sorry to have you worried. I’ll be needing Rubygame more in the future, again, and when I’m using it again I’ll contribute to it again.

Jocelyn submitted a comment on #

It is a shame RGoR is an april fool, I would be delighted to get involved in that projet !


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