Too dang busy these days

Alas, crunch time at work and other obligations have meant little to no time for either Rubygame or Rebirth the past few weeks. I'm hoping to get back into it tomorrow, since we just got past a deadline today and things will be winding down for a while.

A few noteworthy items:

  • I'm maneuvering to have the forums from moved to Partly for my own nefarious purposes (Muahaha!), but mostly because the hosting provider for is somewhat flakey, and Venut (who set it up) seems to be MIA these days. I'm hoping to get a DB dump from him so the existing posts won't be lost, but it has been almost a week since I contacted him about that... we'll see.
  • Also as part of my evil master plan, I'll be moving the rubygame web site from here to It's rather due for an update, as well.
  • I've announced the date for the RubyWeekend #2 contest. It will be the weekend of July 25. I'll post more about it as that date approaches.


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