Working on new event classes

It's amazing how much you can get done when you're not banging your head against Autotest. I made 54 commits today, implementing the RSpec Rake tasks I wrote about earlier, and added 5 event classes, with specs:

  • KeyPressed
  • KeyReleased
  • MousePressed
  • MouseReleased
  • MouseMoved

(Hrmm, I still need to add documentation. That'll have to wait until tomorrow.)

As a reminder, version 2.4 will contain an alternative suite of event classes, as well as a new event hook system. The new event classes make obsolete the old ones, which will be removed in 3.0. So far, the new classes are pretty similar to the old ones, and I expect almost all of them to be drop-in replacements for the old classes.

P.S. It has been fun working with Git, practicing my branching and merging, and making small commits. If you want to check out the new event classes, I'm working in the cleverly-named new_event_classes branch. When I'm done with that, I'll be merging it back into master.


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