Rubygame is on Github & Lighthouse

I've established a Github repository and Lighthouse project for Rubygame:

Why the switch?

  1. I've beheld the tree of Git, and it is beautiful, with many branches. Subversion just doesn't cut it anymore.
  2. Github kicks ass.
  3. SourceForge's issue tracker has never cut it. It's a user-unfriendly piece of garbage, and always has been.
  4. Lighthouse seems to kick ass, too, based on my initial foray.

Assuming this works out, the Subversion repository on Sourceforge will be "frozen" after committing a note to let people know what happened (as well as an announcement by email, naturally). Of course, I have backups of the whole repository in case things turn south later on. The issue trackers will also be closed, after open issues have been moved to

Eventually I'll be migrating the web site here to Generally, I'm keen to move away from SourceForge, as I've grown weary of their awkward working procedures and increasing commercialization.


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