RubyWeekend Game Contest, June 13 - 15

A bit of short notice, but we've having a small game creation contest starting this Friday, June 13 at 20:00 GMT 16:00 GMT, and lasting until Sunday Monday 04:00 GMT . The contest is called RubyWeekend, as a cheap knock-off of Pygame's "PyWeek" (just like Rubygame is a cheap knock-off of Pygame, right?). The idea is to promote Ruby as a viable language for writing games, and have a lot of fun doing it.

The contest starts when the theme is announced on Friday — then you have to write a game with that theme before the contest ends on Sunday!

Think it's impossible to write a game in just 2 days? The key is to come up with a fun and creative idea that won't take a lot of time to implement. You'll also have to manage your time well, not letting yourself get stuck on little details, and deciding when (or if) to sleep! It's a lot of fun, and a huge adrenaline rush!

You're not limited to only Rubygame — you can use whatever you like, as long your game is written in Ruby. That could be Gosu, Ruby-Opengl, Ruby/SDL, Rails (for a web game), or even just a text game with plain Ruby. It's up to you.

Even if you can't dedicate the full weekend to writing a game (especially on short notice, if this is the first you heard about it), you could write a simple little game in an afternoon and evening, just for the fun and experience.

I hope you'll join us in writing a game with Ruby this weekend!


sparkymat submitted a comment on #

heyy.. what happened? who won? have you put up the winning entries anywhere?

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