Rubygame 2.3 released!

We've got several great announcements to make!

  • Rubygame 2.3.0 released
  • New Rubygame community forum
  • RbWeek game creation contest coming in June

Rubygame 2.3.0 released

Rubygame 2.3.0 is now available! This version adds two improved audio classes and a utility mixin module for automatically loading sounds and images on demand!

You can install the new version with RubyGems (gem install rubygame), or download it from Rubyforge:

In addition to the platform-independent source gem, precompiled binary gems are currently available for Linux and Windows. A Mac binary gem will be offered as soon as someone sends me one. ;)

Documentation and release notes are available online, as usual:

For a good introduction to the new features in this version, check out my blog post:

New Rubygame community forum

Community member Niklas Humlen has set up, a forum for developers and community members to discuss and share their tips, ideas, and creations.

I hope to see it growing into a great community resource soon!

RbWeek game creation contest coming in June

Several community members are organizing a week-long game creation contest, tentatively scheduled to begin on Friday, June 13. Participants are not limited to just Rubygame — Gosu, Ruby/SDL, and other Ruby libraries are welcome as well!

I'll be participating, as will several other community members. Come join us, have a lot of fun, earn glory and the envy of your peers, and develop your own game in one week with Ruby!


Shawn Anderson submitted a comment on #

Congrats on the release. Hopefully this marks first step on the journey to 3.0

ippa submitted a comment on #

congrats to the release Jac! .. and see you at the compo :)

Shawn Anderson submitted a comment on #

Is there a reason that there is no fade_in on the new music class?

Shawn Anderson submitted a comment on #

Am I supposed to just use the start options?

John Croisant submitted a comment on #

@Shawn: Yes, just use the :fade_in option for #play

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