Rubygame 2.3 will be released this weekend

Phew, the past week has been busy busy busy with work. But I got through a big deadline last night, and things will be a lot less hectic for a while. And you know what that means — more time to work on Rubygame!

All the features for 2.3 are already complete, so I'm just preparing everything this evening. Then I'll be packaging it up in a tarball and gem. The source and precompiled Linux gems should be ready tonight or tomorrow. The precompiled Win32 and Mac versions will be ready whenever my lovely compiling assistants have it. I might delay release of the source/Linux gems for a few days to see if I can manage a simultaneous release on all platforms. Y'know, so Win32 and Mac users won't feel left out of the Rubygame goodness.


edwin submitted a comment on #

PLEASE don’t delay a release just because the other platforms’ releases aren’t ready. I mean, what if the maintainer’s of those said releases are on vacation for 6 months? (absurd hypothetical, I know, but I’m trying to make a point).

Also, I thought I saw some mention of replacing SDL with openGL. Had any thought been given to GLFW?

John Croisant submitted a comment on #

@edwin: Recent releases have only taken a day or two before the gems are ready for all platforms. You probably wouldn’t even notice the delay if I hadn’t said anything.

Of course, if they are on a 6 month vacation, you can be sure that I wouldn’t wait for more than 2 or 3 days before posting the source / Linux gems anyway. :P

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