Grumble grumble SDL_mixer grumble

If I had a voodoo doll representing SDL_mixer, I'd be poking it in the eye with a needle. Over and over and over.

For some reason, my Music#jump method isn't working. It's supposed to jump to a specific point in the song, but right now it either: a) restarts the song from the beginning, or b) does nothing.

The only effective way to debug why something isn't working with SDL_mixer is to flail around and poke random things until it works, and then figure out which thing made it start working.

Well, that's not quite true — there is the possibility of digging through the SDL_mixer source itself, and seeing if there are any clues in there. The docs aren't very reliable; even when they're technically true, they often omit important information. Sometimes reading the header file is enough to give you the left-out information, but in this case, I'm actually sifting through the core source, trying to figure out what unspoken taboo I committed that is causing SDL_mixer to snub me.

Not fun times.


Beoran submitted a comment on #

SDL_mixer has different capabilities baded upon the music file you feed to it (and the driver back and you are using). It may be that for the music file and drivers you are using, jumping simply doen’t work. This is mentioned in the doc somewhere, but I don’t know if you saw it, so I just popped in to tell you.

John Croisant submitted a comment on #

@Beoran: Yes, I saw about the different capabilities. But, the test file I’m using is Ogg Vorbis, which is supported/full capabilities. There’s probably something I’ve done to anger SDL_mixer, but I don’t know what yet. Maybe I should throw a virgin into a volcano to please it.

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