Rubygame 3 Checklist

I'm just organizing a list of "to do's" before releasing Rubygame 3, in preparation for resuming development work. Some of these are must-do's (marked with an exclamation mark), others are might-do's (question mark). They're in no particular order. Also, this is not a definitive list. Other things might be added, some things might be removed as time goes on and I re-evaluate Rubygame's needs.

  • Fix how sprites are undrawing themselves from the screen!
  • Investigate slowness in updating dirty rects on the screen.
  • Make it more convenient to specify the camera mode.
  • Make backgrounds transform with the camera.
  • Prepare and submit Chipmunk patches.
  • Update Rakefile to compile and install chipmunk with Rubygame. Might want to change the .so name to avoid overwriting where I shouldn't.
  • Mixer::Music needs a few tweaks. Also, the Mixer module is going away, so I need to move Music to be under Rubygame.
  • Get rid of Mixer. Move the initialization function to be, perhaps, Rubygame.init_audio ?
  • Rename Sprites module to OldSprites ?
  • There a ROADMAP item about the old sprite group’s #collide_group, with the killa and killb stuff ?
  • Change the docs template! They should properly have a button/link since I’m hosting them there (as per their policy).
  • Clean up Rect API and code?
  • Named event hooks?
  • Named shapes?
  • Lots of unit tests/specs!
  • Lots of documenting!


sparkymat submitted a comment on #

:) Eagerly looking forward to the release.

We need a logo for Rubygame. People can use it in their games, a splash screen stating that their game is powered by Rubygame :)

Beoran submitted a comment on #

I’m currently doing a small GUI, but keyboard handling is a bit problematic on a non USA keyboard (like mine!). I think we should enable SDL’s unicode handling, using SDL_EnableUNICODE, and make the

Uint16 unicode; avaiable in the API as “string”. The conversions table you are using is not recommended by SDL:

“And at last, never ever ever write your own custom ASCII conversion table. If you do that, you’ll get angry non US users that will pester you to fix the keyboard handling for them, one for each keyboard layout existing in the world. If you want to know the symbol entered by the user, the SDL_KeyboardEvent event is the good place to do it.”

John Croisant submitted a comment on #

@Beoran: I will be quite happy to do that, as soon as I find a way to create a unicode ruby string from C. Or even to create a unicode string in ruby from an integer. Keep in mind that, at this point in time, it has to work with ruby-1.8 (I’m not upping the minimum required ruby version to 1.9 ;))

Beoran submitted a comment on #

Simple enugh.The way to go at internationalization with Ruby 1.8 and SDL is to use UTF-8. To transform a 16 bit unicode character to UTF-8, you can use Array.pack like this: utf8 = [unicodechar].pack(‘U’)

By the way, for the TFF fonts in Rubygame, TTF_SizeUTF8 and TTF_RenderUTF8_* are alll very useful as well.

If you need more hints on UTF-8, we can talk about it by by e-mail. :)

And thanks for all your efforts!

shevy submitted a comment on #

how about one official tutorial?

i am being selfish here :D

denor submitted a comment on #


Actually, one of the things I wanted to do before the Rubygame 3 release was to re-write the chimp line-by-line with the aim of making it a tutorial for Rubygame3.

(And, as a side effect, it’d make a nice transition guide, too :)

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