Rubygame on Rails

In recent months, I've been getting several emails a week from users asking if it's possible to use Rubygame with Rails. While I was originally skeptical about how Rubygame could be useful inside a web framework, I gave it some serious consideration, and decided there was some significant potential there. (Namely, the potential to piggyback on the success of Rails.)

Working on the side for the past month, and particularly this past week or so, I've managed to make significant progress on the next generation of Rubygame: Rubygame on Rails.

Rubygame on Rails
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Rubygame on Rails is a plugin to extend the functionality of Rails, allowing users to create Rubygame applications that run entirely in the web browser. RGoR reimplements nearly the full Rubygame API using 100% javascript and W3C-valid HTML with embedded SVG.

Unfortunately, web browsers have some limitations that I haven't been able to work around yet.

Due to the varying rendering implementations of web standards, RGoR applications sometimes look dramatically different on different operating systems and browsers. Due to severe issues in this regard, I was forced to drop support for IE entirely. However, I don't foresee this as a problem, since the demand for games on the Windows operating systems has traditionally been fairly low.

Other caveats:

  • RGoR apps may be vulnerable to certain types of XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks.
  • Performance in the browser is somewhat reduced from performance with SDL, by a factor of up to 12,000x in some cases.
  • Currently, the only audio support in RGoR is playing MIDI versions of 1990's pop songs.

However, I hope to fix these and other issues in future releases.

I still need to clean up a little bit of the code and package it up, but expect a release candidate for Rubygame on Rails within the next week!


shevy submitted a comment on #

haha a genious idea

should have done that on 31 march though :)

bille2 submitted a comment on #

a dream come true ! Bravo Croisant !

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