Rubygame 3: Days 40-42

Has it been 3 days since I last posted? Huh.

Work deadlines abound lately, so there hasn't been a terribly large amount of work done these past few days. But, I have done some poking around at various things:

  • CollisionHandler now generates Start and End collision events properly. It also has an attribute, @slop, that controls how long two objects must be out-of-contact before the collision is considered to have "ended". (This prevents End events from being emitted over and over as two objects alternate between colliding and not colliding every other frame.)
  • Sprites have a @name attribute, which is purely aesthetic and doesn't affect their functionality at all. What it does do is make it easier to differentiate between sprites of the same class programmatically. I can foresee developers filling the name slot with "Player 1", "Joe", "red ball", whatever they want. You could perhaps use it to draw name tags above players, or some such thing.
  • Per-Shape @emit_collide and @solid attributes. This allows sprites to have some parts be solid and other parts non-solid. If the per-Shape attributes aren't specified, they are inherited from the sprite they belong to.


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