Rubygame 3: Day 39, Part 2

I updated the keyboard event symbols as I was thinking about this morning. I'll let it sit, and see how I like it in a few days. I also reverted the changes to Chipmunk that I had made, but now aren't necessary. I'll see about generating patches for the things that are necessary, and submitting them to the Chipmunk project.

But, most of my day was actually spent working on a new Rails app I had an idea for: an API documentation building, maintenance, and viewing application. I'm calling it "Ape Doctor", an awful play on "API Documentor". (Ook ook, me deserve rotten banana for thinking of that one, yes?)

My Rails-fu is a bit rusty (and wasn't all that strong anyway), but I'm making decent progress. When it's reached a usable and halfway-stable point (in terms of database tables not shifting around), I'll set it up online and use it to document some of the features in Rubygame 3. So, it's a little bit of a vacation from Rubygame, but not really.


Beoran submitted a comment on #

Why not change most of the symbols to be the equivalent of the old constants without the K_? K_QUOTEDBL -> :quotedbl A bit of consistency with the SDL api is till a nice thing to have, because there is a lot of SDL documentation around.

ippa submitted a comment on #

If we’re breaking compatibility anyway, let’s make it as good as possible. -1 for caring about old constants when making the new.

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