Rubygame 3: Day 35

Since last time, I fully implemented and documented the new Sound class. There's not much left to do there, except for unit tests if I feel up to it.

So, what else could I do before I let Rubygame 3.0.0 out into the wild?

  • Mixer::Music needs a few tweaks. Also, the Mixer module is going away, so I need to move Music to be under Rubygame.
  • Get rid of Mixer. Move the initialization function to be, perhaps, Rubygame.init_audio ?
  • Rename Sprites module to OldSprites ?
  • There a ROADMAP item about the old sprite group's #collide_group, with the killa and killb stuff.
  • I feel like adding Surface#dup, now that I know how to implement that. But that could probably be done later.
  • Lots of documentation to write for the new sprites.
  • Lots of unit tests, too. (Ugh.) I could probably put these off till 'tomorrow' when I should do them 'today'.
  • Update the ROADMAP and Changelog.
  • Figure out which of my changes to Chipmunk are necessary, and submit them as patches.
  • Probably configure the Rakefile to be able to compile and install the packaged Chipmunk (nothing fancy), until a new version of Chipmunk with the changes comes.
  • Change the docs template. They should properly have a button/link since I'm hosting them there (as per their policy).

Probably some other stuff... I'm sure I can come up with an infinite amount of stuff so that I can put off actually releasing Rubygame 3.

*yawns, sleeps*


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