Rubygame 3: Day 27

Still laboring away in my ivory tower.

Earlier today, I spent some time cleaning up and making things easier to use. Pretty much, that meant going through the demo program I showed yesterday, and wherever I thought, "I shouldn't have to do that manually, the sprite system should be doing it for me," I made it so.

Tonight I'm working on CollisionHandler. I've got a design that satisfies me, so after publishing this post it's back to Ye Olde Emacs for me.

[UPDATE: I have a mostly-working CollisionHandler implementation now, but it emits too many start and end events, even when it's just resting in the corner. Will have to figure that out tomorrow.]


Beoran submitted a comment on #

Hey, Jacius,

Just a quick line to commend you on your hard work on Rubygame 3. No need to fuss about being a bit delayed, I’m sure you’ll make it in the end. Thumbs up! d_^^__b

shawn42 submitted a comment on #

As far as MVC in games. Have you looked at shattered at all? I heard those guys have an interesting setup, but alas, I have no time to evaluate it myself. Good work on Rubygame, keep it up!

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