Rubygame 3: Days 25 & 26

Nothing to report for yesterday, Day 25.

Today, I chipped away at various different parts of Rubygame, trying to make a running demo program to make sure all this code actually runs.

I actually did manage to get something thrown together, based on the infamous panda demo. It doesn't look like much in a still screenshot, and it only looks marginally more impressive in motion, but here you go:

Rubygame 3 Sprites Test 2008-02-26

The panda is a physical sprite with a circle bounding shape. It falls from a short distance up and rolls along the black lines. The red box is just a background image at the moment, but it would be easy enough to make it a wall too.

Using the sprite system has, of course, given me a better idea of what areas need work to make it nice and easy to use.

Work continues tomorrow.


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