Rubygame 3: Day 20

Today saw a bunch of code written for the Sprite and Scene classes. I consider the API designs mostly complete at this point, but still flexible enough to deal with issues that come up during the actual development process.

I should really write some tests before I do too much more development work. Meh.


denor submitted a comment on #

I’m loading in all the Rubygame changes as they’re made and porting my code to work alongside them (and while I’m at it, taking notes so we know what to tell other developers who want to move stuff over).

I pulled in the latest SVN (version 727, thanks to a change I made in one of the demos to get it to work on my machine) and started moving all my sprites over to the new-style sprites, but ran into a problem. My state engine was based heavily on SpriteGroups, and it looks like the closest equivalent is the new Scene class (and to be honest, Scene’s an even better representation of what my states do). The only problem is that there isn’t a Scene class! I’ve looked through all the sources and can’t find it anywhere, so I’m wondering if it’s in SVN yet.



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