Rubygame 3: Days 10 & 11

Yeah, it's actually day 12 now, but I didn't post anything for days 10 or 11, so I'm gonna do that now. What little there is to say, that is.

Actually, yesterday (Day 11) was a bad day for me in general, and I didn't get anything done on Rubygame 3, so let's just forget about that 24 hour period and just talk about Day 10 instead.

Day 10 was mostly just thinking about how Rubygame and Chipmunk should fit together. Like I said last time, I'm not happy with how closely I was designing the new sprite system around Chipmunk. But if I'm trying not to bend Rubygame out of shape to fit Chipmunk, and I don't want to bend Chipmunk out of shape to fit Rubygame, the trick becomes: how do I fit them together at all?

Collision detection has especially been on my mind throughout this. Chipmunk has a perfectly good collision detection and response system. Rubygame has a different, barely adequate, collision detection system stolen inherited from Pygame. These two systems are not particularly compatible!

Chipmunk's collision detection system is clearly superior; after all, Chipmunk is specifically built for collision detection and response. Maybe I should throw out Rubygame's moldy old collision system, and build something new on top of Chipmunk. But now I'm back around to tight-integration with Chipmunk again!

*pounds head on desk*


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