Rubygame 3: Day 5

Much to report today! I've revised the schedule for Rubygame 3; you can compare with the old schedule.

  • Week 1: Chipmunk research and development. Learning Chipmunk and expanding its Ruby interface as needed.
  • Week 2: Sprite design. No (permanent) code will be written, just throw-away code to get a feel for ideas.
  • Week 3: Sprite development. Added functionality and integration with Chipmunk.
  • Week 4: Clock development (mostly complete already), general cleanup / prep for release, and overflow time for the other development periods.

The biggest change was to move up the Chipmunk work to week 1 (in progress), and push back Sprite design to next week. The reasons for this were two-fold:

  1. I didn't really know enough about how Chipmunk works or is used to make intelligent design choices regarding the new Sprite classes.
  2. Doing nothing but design is boring! Getting my hands dirty and working with code is more interesting for me right now.

Since I'm not getting paid for any of this, excitement and the pleasure of making something cool are my only incentives. Knowing that a design is solid and easy to use is nice, but it's too long-term of a reward. I need to keep myself interested long enough to actually finish it!

I've put in 4 or so hours today. A little bit of research/learning, some expanding of the Chipmunk interface (including a nice patch by Tom Lea I found on the Chipmunk forums), as well as finishing up porting Chipmunk demo #1 (a box falling down stairs) to Ruby & Rubygame.

Everyone loves screenshots, so here it is:

Chipmunk Demo #1

Nothing fancy, and the floor and right wall are drawn off-screen, but it's a nice visual representation of progress.

What wonders and magic will tomorrow hold? I guess we'll find out.


ippa submitted a comment on #

I want a animated GIF-screenshot!

.. great work, I admire your determination =).

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