Rubygame 3: Day 1

So, today is/was supposed to be the first day of work on Rubygame 3.

Instead, I've spent the whole day trying to fix my wiki scratchpad, which I use to organize my thoughts while designing things. It has apparently has been down since my web host upgraded to Rails 2 (yes, I had forgotten to freeze my gems), but I haven't used it in a while, so I never noticed.

I also managed to partially break this blog. Then fully break it while trying to fix it. I've finally got it back to being only partially broken. It's readable, but no pretty stylesheet. [Update: Of course, as soon as you complain about something, it'll fix itself just to make you look stupid.]

So, nothing accomplished on Rubygame today. The wiki is fixed now, though; hopefully it will still be working tomorrow, and I can actually get some designing done.


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