Prepping Rubygame 2.1.0

I'm looking over everything and making sure it's ready to release as Rubygame 2.1.0. Here's a quick look at the major changes:

  • Added Mixer::Music module (patches by Johan Berntsson and Bjorn De Meyer)
  • Added Sprite#undraw (patch by Daniel Neis Araujo)
  • Added depth sorting for Sprites
  • Lots of bug fixes, improvements, and small features

The coolest thing from my perspective, though, is that this is the first release of Rubygame whose new features almost entirely come from patches sent in by other people. That means that at least a couple people besides myself care about Rubygame, and that gives me warm fuzzy feelings inside.

Something that had been tentatively slated for this release, but didn't make it, is the suite of Color classes. Quite simply, the code for them just isn't there yet! Rather than delay this release, I'm making the Color classes the milestone for 2.2.0. I like the idea of having 1 major feature per release, so I think I'll try that out for the next few releases.


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